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"My favorite thing to do is play with my sister. At night, we go out and race our bikes in the street!"

"Do you feel loved?"




"When do you feel the most loved?"


"When grandma kisses me and grandpa brings home toys."

"What scares you the most?"


"What do you do when you're scared?"


"I try to do nothing so I don't bother them as much"

"She's very protective of her fishes and hamsters.

She always tells me to stop overfeeding them."

"What do you want to be when you're older?"


"A doctor."

"How come?"


"I want to cure grandpa of his illness."

"When she comes home from school, she gives me hugs.

"Do you help around the house?"



"What do you help with?"


"I pick up sticks for grandpa when he makes brooms!"



"Our son passed away in an accident and her mother left shortly after her birth. We heard she's had kids again and is raising a new family now."


"Honestly, my health's not too great. I have a condition in my lungs.

I just want to make sure they're good if anything happens."



Cham is 7-years-old with skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism).

She lives with her grandparents and sister in a small hut in Vinh Long, Vietnam.


Cham's grandparents craft broomsticks to provide income for their family.

As they are aging and becoming less able, our goal is to create a fund to ensure a stable access of resources for the family and Cham, her education and health.

If you wish to support Cham and her family, you can do so by donating to her fund.

In addition, you can also support by providing money for supplies or purchasing a broom: however, for international purchases outside of Vietnam, please bear in mind, there will be extra shipping costs.

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